About Products

  1. Where can I get the information on product size?

Every product information page includes product’s size guide and product details. Plus, because our products are sold to many countries, you need to pay attention to the transformation of CN, US and UK measurements.

  1. Why some products do not have material information or back image?
    We are trying our best to provide complete information on every product and we promise it will be accomplished soon. We are eager to provide you with as many products as possible to satisfy your shopping needs and our fast fashion mission, and we will continue to perfect ourselves.

3.How to identify "Final sale item"?

You will see a red notification "Final sale" right in front of item title on the item web page if it's Final sale item.

Or you can see a red notification "Final sale" under item's picture or title before you get into item web-page.

Red notification "Final sale" will show up above the item pic to notify you if it's a "Final sale item" when you add to your shopping cart.

And it will show up besides the item pic to notify you if it's a "Final sale item" on right side of the check out page.

About Order & Payment

  1. Where can I get my order information (product type, qty, color, etc.)?

First, you can open "Order Details" to check your order information while checkout.
Second, if you have already placed and paid your order, normally, you will receive an email from Byczone to check your order.

Third, if not, you can contact our customer service.

Please note if you wrongly operate the order or you experience a network jam while checkout, you can Contact Us to make sure whether your order is placed successfully or not.

  1. Can I use a credit card or debit card to checkout?

Yes,Paypal is also available. More information please click Payment Method.

About Shipping

  1. How long will I receive my package?

Normally you are expected to receive your package in 13-25 business days, except pre-sale items and items out of stock. More information please click Shipping & Delivery.

  1. Why the freight is so high?

This is because the international shipping fee is higher than the domestic. However, orders over $99 will enjoy free shipping, and we are making efforts to lower the freight.

  1. Why my order is not shipped after a few days?

Normally your order will be shipped in 5 business days. If not, please check whether your order includes pre-sale items. You can also refer to "My Account"---"View Detail"---“Order Tracking”, where you can view all the detailed information on your order.

About Discount

  1. Can I use two coupons in one order?

Sorry, each order can only use one coupon. Coupon and other promotional activities and items are exclusive.

  1. Where do I input my coupon?

There is an area "Enter or select coupon code" at the shopping bag confirming web-page on your right side above "Proceed to checkout"

Before you click "Proceed to checkout", you need to check if your enjoyed other discounts, such as "Extra discount: -$xx.xx".

Please click "Enter or select coupon code" and you will see some promo code that system recommend.

You can select the code that system recommend or enter your other exclusive code and then click "USE CODE" to apply discount.

Otherwise the system will deduct the discount on the order automatically.

  1. Where do I find your promotional activities?

Our promotional activities are placed in our homepage, so you can find them while opening our website. Plus, in our enter coupon page, available coupon will be automatically applied to give you lower order price.

  1. Why my order does not enjoy free shipping?
    If you do not have free shipping coupon, first you need to check whether your order is over $99. Second, final-sale items can not enjoy free shipping activity.

About Return & Exchange

  1. Can products not shipped or out of stock be exchanged or returned?

Yes, for products that are not shipped or out of stock, you can first click here to contact our customer service, and then return. For products already shipped, you cannot exchange or return before you receive them.

  1. How to return?

You can click here to submit your return request.

Specific steps: the tracking number link in the website---order details---return

We accept return applications within 30 days from the date of delivery. Items in your package need to remain intact. Several items are not allowed to return or exchange, click Return Policy to know more.

  1. Should I pay for the return shipping fee?

Yes, you need to pay for it. You’d better check our size information and confirm the order information before placing the order.

  1. Can I return to the address on the received package?

No, the address on the package is the overseas transshipment warehouse of the logistics party. You need to return the items to our warehouse, and you will get authorization from us by email with our return address after you submit your return request.

About Our Website

17.How to choose my own language ?

Our website uses English as the default language option.

You can click language option and switch to other language on our Home-page (top left corner on the home page).

18.How to choose my own currency ?

Our website uses USD as the default currency option.

You can click currency option next to the“Language”(Top left corner of the web-page )and switch to the currency that we currently support.

19.How do I subscribe your site ?

You can go to the right bottom of the homepage and input your email and you will receive daily email for our site.

E-mail: service@Teoutfit.com